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Did you receive notice of a Wildfire Defensible Space & Home Hardening Evaluation?

Reports are now ready for viewing for properties that received a 6-digit inspection code. We thank you for your patience as we worked to launch this new program.

New for 2021, comprehensive online evaluation reports provide details on defensible space requirements and make recommendations for "hardening" your home to resist embers (up to 90% of homes lost to wildfires are ignited from embers - not your neighbor's plants).

Most properties will receive an inspection every other year. Updated reports will be issued every 1-3 years for properties in the wildland urban interface (WUI).


Who will receive these evaluation reports? Beginning summer 2021, residents of many central and west Marin communities, including: 


Central Marin

  • Corte Madera

  • Larkspur

  • Greenbrae

  • Kentfield

  • Ross

  • San Anselmo

  • Sleepy Hollow

  • Fairfax

West Marin

  • Woodacre

  • San Geronimo

  • Forest Knolls

  • Nicasio

  • Point Reyes

  • Stinson Beach

  • Bolinas

  • Inverness

  • Muir Beach

San Rafael

  • Santa Venetia

  • Los Ranchitos

  • Unincorporated areas



dspace@marinwildfire.org or (415) 275-1185

Defensible Space Inspectors, Marin Wildfire Prevcention Authority

Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority provides funding for more than 50 Defensible Space Inspectors in Marin, working for multiple fire agencies.

Are you a resident of Southern Marin, Novato, or the City of San Rafael?

Please contact your local fire agency for information on Defensible Space Inspections, evaluations, and reports.

Defensible Space & Home Hardening




Inspection occurs on your property - inspectors will leave 6-digit code


48 hours after inspection: Enter 6-digit code to access online report


View your personalized, comprehensive evaluation report online


Use the checklist to let us know you've completed corrections


I received a "door hanger" with a 6-digit code, but can't access my report.

Online reports are now available for viewing for properties that received a 6-digit code upon inspection. Click here to access your report - you'll need to enter your address first, then you'll be prompted to verify contact information and enter the 6-digit code. If the address and code match, you'll be granted immediate access to your report. This is a new program - we thank you for your patience as we develop a streamlined process to deliver this important information to Marin homeowners. Online reports are typically available 24-48 hours after an inspection is completed. This gives us time to review and assemble your comprehensive evaluation report, and check it for quality. Please wait 48 hours and check back again, or call us at (415) 275-1185 if you think there's a problem.

When will you inspect my home?

The MWPA intends to evaluate all homes in Marin's WUI areas at least once every 3 years. Central and west Marin fire agencies have agreed, in concept, to increase this interval to at least once every 2 years, or annually, if budget allows. Neighborhoods inspected in 2020 will not be inspected in 2021. These communities will receive inspections in 2021:

Why didn't you inspect my neighbor's house?

If we inspected your home, we probably inspected your neighbor's house too.

Am I required to correct the issues in the report?

Some discoveries in the reports may be violations of the fire code. These "priority" defensible space issues must be corrected. All "other" defensible space recommendations in the report should be completed to maximize your home's wildfire resilience and your family's safety, regardless of whether they are required by law. Home hardening recommendations are just that - there is no current requirement for existing homes to fix home hardening issues following an inspection. Some home hardening upgrades may be required if a home undergoes a substantial remodel requiring building permits (especially those outlines in Chapter 7A of the CA Building Code)..

You made a mistake.

In some cases, our inspectors may have mistakenly noted an issue that is incorrect. Mistakes happen, and we apologize for the inconvenience. If we noted an issue that doesn't actually exist, then there is nothing to worry about. You're safe, and there is no need for further action.

Are you going to follow up on these inspections?

We plan to follwo up on inspections that noted hazards or priority isses. Follow-ups will begin about 30 days after the initial inspection. A follow up inspection is intended to identify which issues were corrected, and help us understand why homeowners, in some cases, failed to make corrections.

Is there a penalty if I fail to make corrections on time?

The MWPA is not a code enforcement agency, and these inspections are intended to be educational and to encourage voluntary compliance. These reports are not citations.
If a correction is required (for example, dead vegetation, which is a violation of the CA Fire Code and/or Public Resources Code) a fire agency may follow up with abatement acton. In cases where a fire agency and or municipality pursues an abatement action, citations, abatement of the hazard, and liens against the property are possible outcomes. In most cases, this is unnecessary - we find that most homeowners want to make their homes as safe as possible, and want to comply with wildfire safety codes and ordinances.

Can you mail me a copy of the report?

We are working on a process to allow printing and mailing of copies of the reports. The best experience for residents to view the reports online, on a home computer in their web browser. If this is not an option, or if you need assistance, please contact us at (415) 275-1185 or dspace@marinwildfire.org for help.


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